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Simply restart your modem and see if the issue is resolved as sometimes the network might have experienced some technical issues which only be overcome by restarting your modem. Again open Admin Command Prompt and type the following and hit enter after each one:.

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Problem (with Pictures)

Reboot to apply changes. Next, click on Network and Internet. Next, click Network and Sharing Center then click on Change adapter settings. Select your Wi-Fi then double click on it and select Properties. Preferred DNS server: 8. Find Physical Address under your Network Adapter and note it down on a piece of paper. Right-click on your Network adapter and select Properties.

Fix- DNS Server Not Found or Resolving Host Error in Google Chrome

Switch to Advanced tab then under Property select Network Address. Now select Value and then type the Physical Address which you noted earlier. Note: Make sure to remove any dashes while entering your Physical Address.

Click OK and reboot your PC to save changes. Right-click on the Antivirus Program icon from the system tray and select Disable. Next, select the time frame for which the Antivirus will remain disabled. Note: Choose the smallest amount of time possible for example 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Although, MacOS users should be aware of this issue. The main cause of this issue on Google Chrome can be unresponsive design, not being able to access DNS server, as well as, IP address change at the server level. The IP address of the website which you wish to access is basically used for the purpose of the packet to packet communication.

This is done in order to transmit the information to the destination. Henceforth, go through this informative article patiently in order to know the effective fixes for the aforementioned issue.


This is owing to the fact that the bug generally occurs because of faulty DNS configuration. Henceforth, you should go through the under-mentioned methods.


However, in rarest scenarios, Google Chrome might appear because of the unwanted programs which impede the action of the browser. Similarly, you must repair this DNS Error Mac by executing an entire system scan with a specialized system optimization tool. Therefore go through this step by step tutorial guide to fix DNS Address could not be found Mac issue.

As mentioned earlier, Server DNS address issue is basically related to add-ons, plugins, as well as, extensions. Hence, you need to make an attempt to clear the host and DNS cache as mentioned below.

DNS Server Not Responding: How To Fix Error In Windows

Henceforth, you need to configure it properly and for that go through the below steps:. Finally, you may want to re-open Google Chrome and examine whether the issue has been resolved or not. Eventually, you have to reboot the system.

  • How to Fix a "DNS Server Not Responding" Problem;
  • stop indexing mac os x.
  • download vlc media player for mac os x free.
  • 2. Use Network Diagnostics.

Then, you need to open Google Chrome in order to examine whether this method is suitable for fixing DNS server not responding Mac issue. DNS address could not be found Mac error is a major problem, mostly encountered by Mac users.

How to fix DNS server isn’t responding?

However, you can easily resolve this annoying issue if you follow this user guide thoroughly. But, if the above methods fail to fix this issue, you should reinstall the browser or examine a PC to evade the attack of unwanted programs or viruses. Also, we encourage you to provide your valuable feedback in the comment section present at the bottom of the website.