How to download nba 2k13 for mac free


  1. Is there a way to play 2k on a mac?

I am very, very glad I read this.

NBA 2k13 full game dwnload free PC - MAC - PS3 - XBOX - IOS

Thank you. I play a lot of Civ and my fan is always running at full speed. Didn't think there was any risk but I guess there is I have a PS3, I will just buy 2k for that.

I thought it might be neat to play it on my laptop but not at the risk of ruining my laptop. Thanks again! Yes, throw the shitty Mac out of the Window and build yourself a real PC! Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Is there a way to play 2k on a mac?

Is there a way to play 2k on a mac? More posts from the NBA2k community. Dec 13, Cake Day.

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Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers! Depends on your system. Everytime i press a button on my keyboard the game just jumps out.

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Closes 2k14 Any way to solve this? Do you use the wrapper or crossover? When wrapper try winetrick xact Doing rightclick wrapper — show package content — wineskin — advanced — tools — winetricks and run the dll winetrick xact If it says already installed, then you need to re-download the wrapper and winetrick xact first before downloading and installing nba.


The free Portingkit is the main application of paulthetall. For all the Windows Steam games you own try use one of the 8 Steam Wrapper builds available in the Portingkit. No guarantees that all games work.