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In all such cases, having a vertical split option is really nice to have. Dual Monitors Support. Now you can easily manage windows between two monitors using Split Screen Pro. There is no need to do any special configuration for dual monitors in the app. Just connect your second monitor and use Dual Monitors option in the app. Multi-lingual Support.

macos - How to split app screen on my Mac? - Ask Different

Split Screen Pro currently supports French and German. Next languages on our cards are Spanish and Italian.


Shrink Right 2. Shrink Left 3. Shrink Top Left 4. Shrink Top Right 5. Shrink Bottom Left 6.

How Split View Lets Two Apps Work Together in Full-Screen Mode

Shrink Bottom Right 7. Center 8. Shrink Up 9. Shrink Down Restore window position. Split Screen using Keyboard Using keyboard is much faster than mouse. That's very useful if you want to resize the window quickly. Three Parts Splitting You can place three windows side by size.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts You can change the keyboard shortcuts for various sizing options. Took ages to bring this basic feature to their OS. Not sure how long will it take them to add more functionality in their Split Screen. We are so small compared to Apple that it's very easy for us to quickly make changes to our app based on your feedback. Buy Now. Shrink Right.

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To enter Split View on the Mac, you have to click and drag on the green full-screen button at the top left of any window. Doing so will drop you into Split mode. The menubar disappears, your window shrinks, and a transparent gray block covers half the screen.

This block is the target for Split View. Drag your window to the left of the right of the screen, and then drop it. Once you have dropped your window into one half of the screen, the other half gets filled with miniature versions of all the other app windows that are open. Just click on any one of these to select it as the partner to your first window.

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Boom , as they say. If you already have an app in full-screen view, you can add another app to make it a Split View. To do so, swipe up on the trackpad with four fingers to Open Mission Control.

Make the most of Mac multitasking

This opens a section at the top of the screen showing your full-screen apps. Just grab an app window from the lower section of the screen, and drag it onto the full-screen app in the top section. The apps will share the screen Just like on iPad, you can resize your windows in Split View. To do so, hover the mouse pointer over the line that splits the apps.

How to master Split View on the Mac

The mouse pointer will turn into a horizontal, double-ended arrow. Use this to drag the centerline and resize the app windows. On iOS, you can only split or roughly On the Mac, there are no such restrictions. You can resize the windows however you like, although there is a minimum width for the smaller window.